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We are your go-to senior movers that provide all the services needed to help – from downsizing to packing and senior move management, to unpacking and getting you settled in your new home.

Our Senior Move Specialists Will Turn Your Move into a Litemove

Unlike other moving companies, we never neglect or overlook the individual moving needs of senior citizens. From a senior moving to a skilled senior living facility in Philadelphia to downsizing to a 55+ condo in Florida – we’ve got you covered. Litemovers has the right senior move management team in the Delaware Valley to help you or your parents complete a stress-free move from or within Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Recognized in the moving industry for our expertise, reliability, and professionalism, our movers offer courteous, professional service for senior relocations. While our history is rooted in smaller moves, we have expanded our services to include the Litemovers 360 service to moves of all sizes.

Senior Moving Company That Will Help You Move to Your Future

Our senior moving company knows that managing a move of a life-long residence is never an easy thing to do, no matter the situation. With so many things to consider, it can be daunting. For seniors, planning to move can be a much harder task.

When it comes to relocating our seniors, we understand the difficult side of moving as well as the emotional side. We are moving more than your furniture and boxes – we are moving your memories, and often it’s decades of memories. We understand that it is a necessity, not a desire that prompts people to request our senior moving services. The right management from our senior moving company before and during the move will help each senior citizen focus on the positive side of the move. Less responsibility can mean more independence, it can free you up to allow you enjoy your life.

Our Senior Move Managers Offer Quality Moving and Downsizing Assistance

The senior move managers from our company offer end-to-end moving service. Our consultant will stay with you during all stages of the moving process – from deciding which items to take to unpacking and arranging your furniture exactly how you want it. Our senior moving specialist will help you downsize and move smoothly and without worry.

We pride ourselves in understanding the concerns of each and every senior moving customer. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter move with Litemovers. Each customer who enjoys our services has their own special requests and concerns and our senior move managers take them very seriously. Our senior moving assistance extends to inner city, long-distance, interstate, and out-of-state moves. No matter the distance, we’ll rid you of all the hassle and anxiety of moving to a new home.

Senior Transitions Will Be Easier with Our Relocation Services

Move planning, organizing, and our proven process removes the stress of senior transitions to a new home. If you are moving to a smaller home or apartment, relocating to a senior facility or even moving to a new location within an existing center, our move manager will eliminate the concerns of senior transitions.

At Litemovers, we not only take care of relocation and packing, but we also offer loading/unloading services, long-term and short-term warehouse storage, and disposal of junk and unwanted household items. Let our apartment movers collect and donate your old furniture or take it to the recycling facility. Our services cover Lower Merion Township, Radnor, Whitemarsh Township and other areas in Philadelphia, PA.

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Here are some downsizing tips that will make your senior move a litemove. 

1. Remember, you are not alone. Ask for assistance from your family, friends and professional movers that truly care.

2. Think of it as Spring-cleaning. Begin by eliminating items that you know you will no longer need. Each time you clean, ask yourself, have I used this or even looked at it in the last 6 months. If not, it might be a good candidate to discard rather than move. Remember, it is your decision, so relax.

3. As you use items each day, jot down the ones that are must keeps.

4. Your unwanted items could be someone else’s treasures. Old photos and books can become family heirlooms, so ask friends or family. You could even consider donating some of the items that don’t make your “keep list.” Litemovers can help you get larger items moved to charities.

5. “Do I really need this?” Consider your older clothing that you don’t wear or that may be out of style. Discard of things that are just taking up space. You may be amazed just how much “stuff” you have and don’t use. Discarding these items can free up space and give you a feeling of freedom. Check your medicine cabinet. Do you have prescriptions you no longer need? Maybe ask your doctor or nurse about proper disposal of out of date or unused medicines.

6. Spice it up, or down. We all have way more spices than we need. Dispose of the ones you bought because it seemed like a good idea after watching a show on “The Food Network”

Then, check your cabinets for out dated or can goods and other items that have gone unused and donate them to the needy. We are happy to assist with removal of all of your old unwanted items. We will take your donations to the charity of your choice. If you have heavy items, ask for assistance. Litemovers can help you plan and manage your senior move. No need to wait until the last minute. But, if you are like many others and find yourself up against a deadline, relax, we will make your move a litemove!

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