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litemovers FAQ


Why Book a Mover?

The biggest part of moving is always the stress that is involved. When you are going into a new transition of your life that alone can be stressful, but when you add the logistics of moving to that, it can be flat out overwhelming. To make life simpler normally people hire a moving company to do the hard work for them. It also can be really useful when there is a large piece of furniture that you no your friends are able to handle alone. We have the technical know-how and the equipment to make sure that we are able to successfully handle your items, and make sure both you, and your furniture don’t get damaged.

Should I hire license/insured?

Yes! You should always go with a licensed and insured mover! For Pennsylvania you can always check the PUC website to make sure they are licensed, and ask if they are insured. There are horror stories of people hiring uninsured, and unlicensed movers, and if they were to get hurt on your move or property, they have full legal rights to sue both you, and the company. Protect yourself by always making sure they are licensed and insured for those “what if scenarios” that can cost you millions.

Do you only do small moves? 

No! We do large estate moves, office moves, and small moves! If you have a move you need to get done, no matter the size, odds are we can get it done!

What type of services do you provide? 

We offer a large variety of moving services! From local moves, long distance/interstate moves, junk removal, and packing services! Check out our website to see the full variety of the services we are able to offer you!

When should I book a mover?

Now this is a tricky question! It all depends on the season you are planning on moving! If it the fall/winter months the moving industry is typically slower than the spring/summer months. If you are looking to move in the fall/winter typically a month in advance will a good time frame to get your move on the calendar, but in the spring/summer months it is best to book atleast 6 weeks in advance.

How can I save money on my move?

The biggest way to save money on your move is by being prepared! Majority of our estimates are based off of time, therefore if we arrive to your starting location, and your still packing the clock has started. So always try to have the packing done prior to our arrival (unless you choose our packing services of course!). As well as taking all items our of any cabinets, dressers, or drawers that we are moving. Also by having everything sorted if there is multiple locations, by either labeling or stickering so we know where everything is going, and don’t need to think twice!

Will they disassemble and reassemble my furniture?

Yes! All of our men are equipped with the tools, and technical knowledge to disassemble and reassemble any furniture that you need! But for safety, and liability issues we must do both. For example, if you took something apart, we cannot put it back together! Just because we need to know that all the parts are present and any screws or bolts are all accounted for!

How to select a mover?

This can be the hardest part, but the truth is to trust your gut. Call around your area, ask questions, start collecting quotes, and make sure they are insured and licensed in PA. If you want to take a bigger dive here is an article that we wrote to help you with the 3 biggest tips to selecting who is a mover!

How does our storage work?

Our storage is a private movers storage, which means that we store everything in vaults that are 7 ft tall x 7 ft wide x 5 ft deep. The vaults are stacked 2 high and 10 deep, and we have to use our forklift to move them around. Our facility is temperature controlled, secure, and private! But that also means if you need to access your storage unit often, then a public storage locker is your best bet. But for secure storage of your items that you need for long term, or temporary storage we are a great option!

How do onsite estimates work?

One of the most accurate ways to get an estimate is to schedule an onsite estimate. In that case one of our estimators, would come to your home (or Facetime you if preferable!), and take a look at all the furniture pieces, boxes, and check out the access at that location. In that case we are able to give you the most accurate estimate possible. However in cases of apartments, most times an onsite estimate is not needed. A rule of thumb is that if you have a home with over 3 bedrooms, we will need an onsite estimate. If it is smaller then an inventory of the items will do great!

Should I empty my dresser drawers?

Yes! It is always preferable that dresser drawers are emptied prior to move. You would be shocked at how much weight that clothes can add to a full dresser. So it is always preferable that we have all the dresser’s empty and packed prior to your move!

Should I pack or hire you to pack?

This question all depends on what your looking for! We do offer packing services! We can also pack just the delicate items if need be! If you think your home is full of precious, and delicate items it is probably better to have us pack, as we can make sure it is packed properly and organized! However if you only have a few items you can always pack yourself, and if you need boxes we can offer you a drop off service where we can drop off everything you will need at your home prior to the move!

Paperwork & Estimates

How much does my estimate cost?

Nothing! Your estimates will always be free! We will never charge for an estimate!

What exactly am I paying for? Are there any hidden charges?

As long as you have fully disclosed what you are packed and prepared, are moving and the circumstances you shouldn’t encounter any unexpected charges.

What is a travel Charge?

The Travel Charge Covers the time from our facility to your address and our return at the end of the day

What is a Fuel Charge?

The fuel surcharge is a published factor provided to us by the department of energy to correct our cost to cover the current market price of diesel fuel.

How does a local move estimate look vs. a Intrastate/Interstate/Long Distance move work?

Local Moves are move which are under 40 miles from origin to destination and they are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  Intrastate moves are over 40 miles but occur within the state of Pennsylvania. Interstate/Long Distance moves originate and terminate in 2 different states. These moves are priced by weight, fuel, distance and accessorial charges.

What is an hour minimum? Why do you charge them?

A minimum charge reflects the lowest amount you will pay for service.  Our tariff allows for moves from 1-4 men to have 4 hour minimum. Moves with 5 men have a 5 hour minimum, moves within 6 men have a 6 hour minimum and so on.

What type of payment do you accept?

We always require credit/debit or check payments for your moving deposit. For the remainder of your move, we accept cash, credit/debit, and check. There is a 4% charge on all final transaction that are paid debit or credit.

How do we protect furniture from damage?

We wrap furniture with padded moving blankets, brown paper, cardboard, stretch wrap and or crating depending on the item and what it necessary to protect its integrity.

Can I get extra coverage on my items? How does that work?

Additional coverage is termed as valuation coverage. Our coverage is sold at $10 for every $1000 of coverage. Our coverage requires a $250 deductible for any claims.

Why do you have to take an itemized inventory?

An itemized inventory is legally required for any move that is out of state, over 40 miles, into our storage facility, or that you have taken extra coverage on. It is for your safety and security, it provides a list of all the items that we have touched, and the condition they are in.

How do I file a claim?

If there is any damage to your items during your move, please call us immediately at (610)755-5535, or email us to request a Claim Form. From there we will begin processing your claim.

Do movers take breaks?

If you have a long move, usually 8 hours of more, it is normal for the movers to take a break, so they are able to continue focusing on the safety of the team. However, it is normally something that is decided between the customer, and the foreman of the move.

Do I tip the men?

20% is always a good rule of thumb. It is just like tipping at a restaurant. You can feel free to also tip the movers differently based on preference or performance. It ultimately is up to you, but here is a basic guideline that we think is best!